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How to find help for Amazon Suspended Seller Account?

Amazon is the best retailer online shop in the world. With over thousands of people engaging in the trade, it is quite the ease with just one click away to a platform of diverse products. People wishing to shop have always been benefitted with the simplicity and the rapidness of the process. Moreover, the customer policies laid out by Amazon have always greatly prioritized customer care which is why any violation leads to suspension of account for the sellers.

Why would Amazon suspend seller account?

Amazon is not very clear, often, on why they are snatching the very essence of a fun job from you. It almost feels like a ball coming out of nowhere, to drop you in the water when you are running all the way to the destination. Yes, I am talking about Wipeout. Anyway, why would Amazon possibly throw the ball? It could be one of the three reasons mentioned below:

  • Amazon favors a competitive streak, there is no wonder regarding that subject. If it feels like you are not punching in your 100%, it will most likely object on your overall performance. They think it is a game and if you are not playing to win, then you might as well hand back the console. Amazon suspended seller account can fall in this category too.
  • Violating the policies of Amazon has to be the easiest way to get into the tunnel of suspension. It is their arena, if you do not play by the rules, then you are most possibly getting kicked out by the referee.
  • Nobody likes a smudge on their built reputation. If you are going to sell a restricted product, you will be frowned upon and be sent to suspension without a doubt.

I know what you are wondering. When you will get notified about the suspension, you will just do what our broke-selves do with Netflix; sneak into free trials through different email accounts. I apologize for ruining your perfect adventure but that is not possible. Yes, it is a clear violation of their policies to make another seller’s account. So you will have two Amazon suspended seller accounts in the end.

What to do?

Well, now the suspension notice is here, staring back at you with indifference. What do you do then? You are allowed to cry, whine or even throw a pillow in anger. But after you have come back to normalcy, you need to take your next step. Get your account back to safety.

What you should do is read carefully, what the platform is demanding from you. And what kind of violations led to your suspension. Yes, it hurts but we will get through it. Analyze the problem that they have presented in front of you. If you feel like there is injustice prevailing the air, report back to them with evidence.

But, if in the deep corners of your heart, you know you should not have opted for a particular action, then the appeal is the right choice for you. Report back with responsibility, take good care of the content you are reporting with. Do not explain their process to them but do not criticize either. And acknowledge the policies you have violated with a promise to never jump into the tunnel again. Good luck!